Ahead of today's mass student walk-out in protest for gun control reform, bicoastal production company, Nexus Studios, has created a series of social media filters to support the cause.

The event, organised by the Woman's March youth branch, EMPOWER, will see close to 3,000 walkouts across the US, with students – and staff – leaving classes at 10am for 17 minutes, in honour of the 17 people killed one month earlier at a school in Parkland, Florida.


 Students mourn the loss of 17 classmates in the Parkland Florida shooting


To show support and help spread the protestors' message that thoughts and prayers are not enough, Nexus worked with EMPOWER to create a series of Snapchat and Facebook filters for those taking part or standing in solidarity, wherever they are in the world. 

The Facebook filter, which can be downloaded here, randomly selects one of seven tweets sent following incidents of gun violence, including one from Donald Trump, which is ripped away to reveal the hashtag #Enough, while the Snapchat filter (shareable via the code below), superimposes multiple red 'Enoughs' on the user's surroundings. 


The Snapchat code for the EMPOWER Gun Control filter, created by Nexus Studios 


See the filters in action via the video below and visit the EMPOWER site for more information.


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