Following the launch of Time's Up, the movement inspired by sexual misconduct in the film industry, a group of 180 female CEOS, CCOs, CSOs and other top agency executives have created their own advertising equivalent, Time's Up Advertising.

Launched yesterday, Time's Up Advertising aims to create a more diverse and gender equal industry, by improving practices and policies, addressing and resolving workplace discrimination and abuse, and ultimately, creating a safe environment for women within adland. 

The initiative is accompanied by a letter of solidarity from its founder. Time's Up Advertising began in January 2018 when a small group of 14 women met to discuss what could be changed within the industry and share each other's stories. That group has now grown to 200. 

Time's Up Advertising's letter of solidarity.


Run by women in senior leadership positions across the industry, Time's Up Advertising aims for women to connect and look at the way the industry is currently structured, so that they can consider what changes need to be made in order for traditional power dynamics to be reversed.

The focus will first be on revising business reforms within the industry. 

Community gatherings will be held across New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto on May 14, with forums supporting the movement online so that other major cities can check in. This will be an opportunity for women around the world to get on a mass scale, draw up future plans and work out their next action points to find real practical solutions.

Some action points as revealed by Time's Up Advertising.


A Time's Up Advertising Legal Defense Fund has also been set up - just as in the film industry's Time's Up movement. This will help to financially empower vulnerable women with legal and public relations costs in select cases. A target of $22 million has been set for the fund, with $21,222,000 already raised at the time of writing - unbelievable really since the initiative launched yesterday. To donate to the fund, click here.

Further facts and statistics about the gender and power imbalance in the advertising industry have been listed on the site, combined with documents outlining what rights female creatives have and relevant resources for contacting helpful organisational bodies.

Visit Time's Up Now and take the pledge to show your support.