7.45: I always start the day with a black filter coffee from Clapton’s Espresso Hut. “London’s best coffee”, not my words, the words of Espresso Hut.


8.15: Oh London, London, London. The daily jam at Highbury + Islington. Luckily I have Christopher Nolan’s Desert Island Discs to distract me.


8.45: Entering BBH is like attending a contemporary design fair after the beautiful recent redesign. All visitors and staff are greeted and corralled by the wonderful Victor who is also the automated voice of the elevator.


You don’t have to be nice to work here but it helps, actually you do have to be nice to work here and it shows. Our Sunday Times 100 Best Companies takes pride of place in reception. We were named for the 10th year running… not too shabby.

The Black Sheep have a rich heritage of staging unique exhibitions and events and this week we have been taken over with photographer Tim Flach’s beautifully serene studies from the animal kingdom. He is giving a talk at 60 Kingly Street and it is the hot ticket this week.


11.00: Art Status: BBH’s art producers meet to share war stories and some brilliant new work. Colour blocking and Berocca is the order of the day.


12.00: The Tim Flach takeover continues in the cafeteria shortly afterwards. Colour blocking clearly doesn’t translate to other departments.



14.30: A relentlessly busy Daryl Corps, BBH’s head of art, crafts away in his fourth floor office. The man is a walking encyclopaedia of artists and photographers. Except here, he’s sitting.



16.00: A bird’s eye view of the client zone in the atrium, always a hive of activity.



16.30: Dan Keefe, head of our award winning Black Sheep Studios analyses another challenging brief.



17.00: These booths are interspersed around the building and are where the creative teams take residence when they are mid creative thought.



18.00: BBH is a big place and there is plenty of sartorial serendipity, our production hall of fame documents some of the hits. And misses. 


20.00: The Mill put on a shuffleboard extravaganza in Shoreditch, an amazing evening of beers, Voodoo Rays pizza and dubious sportsmanship. I only bloody won.

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