Simone Moessinger, creative director at 72andSunny Amsterdam, is attracted to the honest viewpoints of artists such as Martin Parr and abhors the dishonesty of the most creative campaign of recent times; the US election. In other news, she’s in dire need of a time machine and she and her son would be dead without Google


What is the most creative advertising idea you’ve seen in the last few months?

The recent election campaigns were creative, but not in a positive way. The ability to distort and shift people’s thinking was, and continues to be, horrifying. The only, and very important, good to come out of it is that it caused a change in people.

People feel empowered and compelled to participate and create change now. A lot of advocates have emerged. That’s great. And if I’m honest that’s all we can hope to achieve in our work. 



What’s your favourite website/app?

Hangouts. Skype. WhatsApp. FaceTime. Viber. Basically anything that enables me to talk to my favourite people from all over the world about nothing at all, for nothing at all, deserves all my love and favouritism.


What website do you use most regularly?

Google. The amount of questions I ask Google is concerning. Especially when I had just had my child. Every other search was about what I could/couldn’t or should/shouldn’t do with him. Google was my everything. Google is probably why he, and I, are still alive.


Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram captions.


What product could you not live without?

A coffee machine. I mean I know I could, technically – I just wouldn’t want to.



What product hasn’t been invented yet that would make your life/job better?

A time machine that gives me an extra hour or two a day. But just for me. Because if other people had it then I’d be back in the same situation. Basically I would just like 26 hours to everyone else’s 24.



What track/artist would you listen to for inspiration?

Sometimes, when I’m alone, I’ll listen to coaching monologues on YouTube. Especially when it’s early in the morning and I’ve just finished my first coffee. One can get so pumped. If it’s meant to make a 300-pound linebacker make a halftime comeback, then it’ll most likely work for me.



What shows/exhibitions have most inspired you recently?

Sophie Calle and Miranda July are absolute favourites. So even when I can’t manage to see their work in person I’ll simply find anything of theirs online and scroll through it (with a glass of wine in hand) as if I were strolling through a gallery. It’s a true treat for the soul. 


What fictitious character do you most relate to?

All of the emotion characters in Inside Out. Except, perhaps I’d add ‘Optimism’.


What’s the best film you’ve seen over the last year?

Nothing I’ve seen lately measures up to Force Majeure [Cannes 2014 Jury Prize-winning psychodrama]. I loved its simple premise, how the entire film lingered on one moment; one subconscious decision that unravelled so much.



What’s your favourite magazine?

I propose a new magazine: the cover and comics from The New Yorker, articles from Scientific American, and the final page of Vanity Fair.


If you could live in one city, where would it be?

I’m pretty happy with Amsterdam. The privilege of having a 10-minute cycle into work is pretty unmatchable. On a beautiful day it’s a 10-minute bike ride across canals. On a bad day it’s a 10-minute bike ride in the cold and windy rain. Either one is pretty manageable.


Who’s your favourite photographer?

Martin Parr. He knows how to capture us as we really are. It’s beautifully unforgiving.


Who’s your favourite designer?

Mike Mills. Anything he touches, touches my heart so profoundly. I love how he distills his thoughts, ideas, drawings, words and all to their basic selves. It’s all so honest and human. 


If you could have been in any band, what band would you choose?

I actually was in a band back in fifth grade. It was a band for the deaf community. We were called The Fabulous Flying Fingers and ‘sang’ in sign language. I would probably just be a lifer in that band if I could. But being a 30-something in a band with 10 year olds might be weird. Or maybe it is my calling.

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