Mondays mark the return of the 9-5 routine, but this year, you can mimic the weekend’s fun thanks to Halloween falling at the start of the week. Dressing up at work, eating sweet treats at your desk or playing a few sneaky tricks on your unsuspecting co-workers… there’s no better excuse.

So, we’ve decided to rally up the top five most impressive and bloodcurdling campaigns to give you some idea of what to look out for today.


C4 Fright Bites

The UK network provider commissioned six directors to helm a series of short but scary spots. Each spot explores different themes inspired by Halloween. Remi Weekes Grime Artist Gets A Visit From The Tickle Monster (above) looks at unusual villains; while Maria Martinez Bayona spot A Dead Woman Has Her Revenge deals with retribution – a theme that is also similarly uncovered in Prano Bailey-Bond’s Bad Boyfriend Takes A Shortcut. The full selection is available to watch here.


Hershey’s Take or Treat

What's Halloween really about? Why, the sweets of course. Now thanks to a new campaign from Barkley for Hershey's, you can enter to be in with a chance to win TAKE5 snack size treats and have them delivered straight to your door. Head to on your phone to activate the game and just keep knocking until you win.


Gifgaf’s The Music Box

Mobile network gifgaf prides itself on offering customers flexibility, control and short-term phone contracts. Inspired by Halloween, this spot from Tom Rainsford shows that you no longer need to adhere to the nightmare-ish terms and conditions that plague many phone plans, by seeing a woman literally run away from a two-year contract full of ghosts and ghouls.


Bitmap Banshees

Tis the season to get dressed up and become fully immersed in the world of gore, horror and all things scary, so W+K Amsterdam’s experiential VR game is the perfect way to combine and connect all the senses. By sitting on an interactive bike, players can navigate their way through the game and fight enemies off by ringing the bike’s bell which shoots out carrots (as a weapon, of course). Directed by Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine and created in partnership with Unreal and Oculus Rift, the experience imagines what life in Amsterdam in 2097 would be like… and by the sounds of it, it’s pretty terrifying. It’s available to play at the agency’s public gallery space but click here to find out more about the initiative.


Tesco Presents A Spooktacular Halloween:

Food shoppers beware for you’ll be in for a scare with BBH London’s latest offering for UK supermarket, Tesco. Helmed by Black Sheep Studios’ director Tom Clarkson, the spot shows families how they can prepare for fearful fun and join in the celebrations with a few in-store surprises.