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Created to promote the liberating nature of giffgaff, the contractless mobile service provider, this wacky Halloween ad from director Ninian Doff focusses on five common fears found in UK consumers:

1. Politicians

2. Social media games/requests/tagging

3. Voicemails from your mother

4. Phone battery dying… the red bar of fear

5. Phone contracts…

The crux of the campaign is to promote the idea of being free from conditions and binding contracts from other companies on the market. The wry 'horror' film was created based on a simple Facebook post back in August asking giffgaff members to share their greatest fears.

“I don’t know why I hate and fear checking my voicemail, but I really do get stressed out when I see that alert coming up! This is what I loved when I read the list of giffgaff member fears - it’s really amusing, and relatable, to see the strange fears we’ve developed of supposedly normal and dull things in modern life," says the director.

“Then it was really funny to film these “un-scary” things with the same drama and tension you would film a scene with a knife wielding maniac or a blood-thirsty zombie.”

Doff directed the piece inside a derelict Grade II listed mansion within the grounds of Beckenham Place Park and will be showing on giffgaff’s social channels and in Nomad and Pearl and Dean cinemas.

“This year, we’ve managed to create a short horror film that not only remains true to the authentic Halloween theme, but also has our members’ fears at its heart, making it even more powerful,” adds Tom Rainsford, giffgaff’s brand director.

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