Gerry Human is chief creative officer at Ogilvy & Mather London, the agency behind the Lion-winning work Freedom Candles for Amnesty International.

Fresh off the back of winning the prize in the inaugural Product Design Lions category, Human sat down with shots to tell us about Aspen, apps and advertising.

What’s your favourite Cannes Contender and why? What do you think might win?

Epic Split is obviously going to do well. I really like the Jack & Jones campaign featuring Christopher Walken. Lovingly made and not trying too hard. Bet you a €12 Kronenbourg it will pick up lots in film craft.

What app will you be using most through festival week?

Drunkblocker – de rigueur app for avoiding drunk-dials and keeping a clear conscience.

What’s your favourite TV show and why?

Breaking Bad – it ignites my ungovernable soul.

What film do you think everyone should have seen?

Wim Wenders’ cult classic, Paris, Texas with Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski. It’s the original road movie and has a hauntingly brilliant soundtrack by Ry Cooder.

Where were you when inspiration last struck?

The Aspen Institute. The awesome venue was designed by Bauhaus legend Herbert Bayer. Our fearless leader Tham Khai Meng hosted an inspiring session there this winter. Every molecule of the place, from the snowmass to the door handles, is imbued with a rich history of invention.

What’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed in the industry since you started working in it?

Account people don’t wear ties anymore.

If there was one thing you could change about the advertising industry, what would it be?

Calling people “resources”.

What do you anticipate to be the hot topic of the week this year?

The lecture from world famous entrepreneur, Gisele Bündchen.

Tell us one thing about yourself that most people won’t know…

I wear a facemask on long distance flights.