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Weekly Rewind: August 11

Weekly Rewind: August 11

The upcoming apocalypse, Cindy Sherman, sexism, plus seven more of our favourite stories from the web this week.

10. Watch Facebook As They Launch Original Video 



Worried Facebook isn't taking up enough of your time each day? Concerned at the lack of original video content being created on the internet? Well you're in luck, as TechCrunch reports the social media site is to offer original video content in a new tab, with content providers and Facebook splitting ad revenue 45-55.


9. Brewdog on the Border



Why build a wall when you can share a beer? That's the concept behind Brewdog's idea, reported in The Scotsman, to build a bar on the US/Mexico border, serving Mexican and US beers and its own craft ales. Because, if nothing else, the current rhetoric about borders leaves you really needing a stiff drink.


8. Strong, Stable...and Made of Wax



Madame Tussauds revealed on Thursday that work has begun on a Theresa May waxwork, with the punniest of the Guardian sub-editors going for 'Wax It Means Wax It". How do you tell the difference between the prime minister and her waxy doppleganger? One's guaranteed to melt when the heat and pressure get too much...and the other one's a waxwork.


7. Chicken vs. Trump



Lovers of chickens made to look like political leaders had a great week as Chicken Trump returned, an inflatable bird that followed the president throughout his campaign trying to get him to release his tax returns. Now, as seen in this MSN article, it stares with an eagle (well, chicken) eye over the White House.


6. Hate 0: Love 5000



Per an article on the Indy100, 5000 people attended Belfast Pride last Saturday, being their best, accepting, queer or queer-loving selves in the Northern Irish capitol. The next day, however, a measly 23 people joined a Britain First rally on the anniversary of the introduction of internment. Love wins, sometimes.


5. Spray Can Satirist Takes on Twitter



Twitter can be a scary place for anyone as audacious as a woman who dares to have an opinion, or anyone that has the sheer chutzpah to be anything but white, straight and male. The reasons for this are many – but a big problem is Twitter’s lack of policing. One man, comedian Shahak Shapira, decided to take action by graffitiing some unpoliced tweets onto the steps of Twitter’s German headquarters, according to Deutsche Welle. Hopefully when he’s finished conquering hate speech he’ll do some of Cher’s tweets in our office.


4. Diversity Debate Dawns at Google



CNN were just one of many publications who published a manifesto-cum-diatribe released by a Google engineer railing against the company's diversity policies. The employee argued  that 'women aren't suited for tech jobs for "biological" reasons.' among 3000 other choice words that have engineered some serious anger against the engineer.


3. On the Subject of Disturbing Sexism..



...This from the BBC, who found a Chinese restaurant offering customers with larger breasts cheaper food.


2. Cindy Sherman Makes Private Instagram Selfies Public



We all use our Instagram for different things. We at use ours to share even more of the world's great creativity with you, you lucky people. Others use it for avocado toast, sunsets and others things to set your eyes rolling and toes curling. Then there's artist Cindy Sherman, who has turned hers into a surreal mini-exhibition which W Magazine delved deeper into.


1. Basically, the World is Doomed



This Truthdig article seems rather quaint now after a week of global pissing contests between the US and North Korea for suggesting that a war between Russia and the US could kill us off imminently. We're in the middle of the apocalypse, and the world hasn't even become Blade Runner yet. Expect more in next week's weekly rewind if we're all still around by then...


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