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10 of the Best: The Most Read Features of 2016

10 of the Best: The Most Read Features of 2016

Dave Buonaguidi, Tham Khai Meng, Annabel Kennedy & Mark Denton all star in the most read features of 2016


10. Once Upon a Time There Were Talking Rabbits

Once Upon A Time There Were Talking Rabbits

An unusual title, admittedly, but in this opinion piece, published just before the Cannes festival, Ogilvy & Mather’s chairman and global CCO, Tham Khai Meng, talked to about ideas and how no one really ever defines them. “I’m going to say what I think advertising ideas are,” he started by saying. “Don’t worry, the answer won’t be dull. It will include sex, tyranny, Old Sparky and talking rabbits.” And it did.


9. Does Mindfulness Help Creativity?

Does Mindfulness Help Creativity?

Jonathan Trimble, CEO of 18 Feet & Rising, took the opportunity in this piece to look into the mindfulness trend, something that came to the fore in 2016, by introducing it to his agency’s office, with surprising results. Putting the agency on a strict mindfulness training programme, Trimble documents his experiences and discusses what he, and his agency colleagues, learned from it.


8. Do the New Digital Craft Lions Matter?

Do The New Digital Craft Lions Matter?

In this piece, published during the week of the Cannes festival, SapientNitro and Razorfish CCO Nick Turner asked whether the Lions festival is reflecting the latest industry changes. As both a winner of numerous Lions, including a Grand Prix, and a judge at the festival, he was well placed to ask such questions and examine the good and bad of the festival’s process – from the categories being “a muddled, overlapping mess”, to elements that “actually help to celebrate the unique craft that goes into digital work”.


7. Ollie Wolf: From Creative to Director

Ollie Wolf: From Creative to Director

“In the loft of my dad’s house, beside the Christmas lights and underneath dusty copies of 90s mountain bike magazines, there’s a treatment for a music video,” begins creative-turned-director, Ollie Wolf. “I wrote it when I was 13. A kid brings a ghetto blaster to school, gets on the roof with it and the entire school dances in the playground. At the time I thought it was the start of big things. Ollie Wolf, Director. It wasn’t. It took me 19 years to write another treatment.” In this fascinating and funny piece, Wolf reflects on his career change and what it’s like stepping behind the camera.


6. The Source: Davud Karbassioun

The Source: Davud Karbassioun

Davud Karbassioun, managing partner and head of production at BBH London when this article was published (now Pulse’s global president of commercials and branded entertainment), wishes he was a Beastie Boy, relates to the tribulations of Kermit the Frog, fears the invention of true AI, and recommends the You Me Bum Bum Train experience (if you know the right people), as he reveals some of the sources of his inspiration to us.


5. A Day in the Life of… Leonie Ellis

A Day In The Life Of Leonie Ellis

We introduced this strand at the tail end of 2015 and it has proved to be extremely popular, with this insight into the world of Leonie Ellis (then new business and marketing representative at Blinkink, now freelancing) being the first of three A Day in the Life entries on this list. Here, Ellis takes us through a day of tea in an unusual royal mug, water in abundance and a delicious-looking mackerel baguette, all interspersed with a range of meetings, of course.


4. A Day in the Life of… Annabel Kennedy

A Day In The Life Of Annabel Kennedy

Scouring the sights in London, spying on the neighbours and sitting on agency rooftops (albeit inside): inspiration proves key for Knucklehead’s head of new business, Annabel Kennedy. But daily downtime and, unusually, upside-down time proves equally as crucial.


3. The Way I See It… Dave Buonaguidi

Dave Buonaguidi: The Way I See It

Born in 1964 and (temporarily) dead by 1978, Dave Buonaguidi, CCO of CP+B London, was resurrected in the nick of time. He became a creative and in 1995 co-founded St Luke’s – a revolutionary agency co-op, where every staff member had shares in the company and a say in how it was run. He helped the shop win huge clients with great work, including IKEA’s Chuck Out Your Chintz campaign, before leaving in 1998 to work for Channel 4. In 2000 he co-founded Karmarama and in 2003 co-created the Make Tea Not War poster that became the unofficial icon of the London anti-war march. In 2014, disillusioned with advertising, he left and spent a year working on both his screenprint art and Gratis, a free creative school he hopes to get funding for. Recently appointed CCO at CP+B London, in this interview, he tells us about the pros and cons of wearing sandals to a pitch and brandishing twin AK-47s at a charity auction.


2. A Day in the Life of… Mark Denton

A Day In The Life Of Mark Denton

Personalised tweed jeans (aka tweans), hairy hats and an umbrella called Excelsior… welcome to the wonderful world of Mark Denton. Denton is adland’s Godfather, known for his sharp sense of style and wacky ideas. In this insight into a typical (probably) Denton day, he adds stately home connoisseur to his unusually fantastically eclectic skillset and invites shots to experience a day in his life.


1. France Special: Rosapark

France Special: Rosapark

It may only be a few years old, but the premier cru of the new wave of French boutique agencies, Rosapark, had been maturing and marinading in the minds of its founders for a while. Combining the oomph of an international network’s resources, and the freshness of an indie, it has the perfect recipe for delivering French-flavoured ads to an international audience. In this interview we talk to the agency’s creative global gourmands who are cooking with gas.


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