This year’s Epica Awards returns to Amsterdam to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Entries are now open for the journalist-judged award show, which prides itself on the jury’s objectivity to the work as they are not involved in the creative process.

To mark the landmark occasion, three new categories and a fifth Grand Prix have been introduced.

Events, Brand Identity and the Olympic Games category have been added to the award show, while the Branded Content & Entertainment category has also been split into Films & Series; Branded Games; Native Advertising; and Product & Brand Integration categories.

The design categories – made up of Graphic Design, Publication Design, Packaging Design and Product Design – will also now be eligible to win a Grand Prix, with the launch of the Design Grand Prix.  

“This Design Grand Prix will bring to our attention projects that challenge and push the boundaries of design practices, at a time when the fine line between advertising and design is blurring,” says Landor’s ECD, Tristan Macherel.

This year’s jury includes journalists from 61 magazines across 47 countries, including shots’ very own News Reporter, Olivia Atkins. For a full list of the jury, click here or here to submit your work.

The ceremony will be held in Amsterdam between November 14-17, following the Epica Creative Circle conference.