Post-production kit manufacturers Cintel has, in a neat twist of ironic fate, snapped up the assets to Innovation TK, the now-defunct breakaway company formed by its former employee Stuart Hunt and partner Delphi Durrant.

The team introduced the Millennium and Millennium Lite telecine machines to rival Cintel’s URSA and C-Reality machines.

Hunt will now work as technical director to the company’s research and development team. It was unclear from a company statement what Durrant’s role will be at the merged company.

Cintel was itself forced into receivership briefly in the late 90s with the increased competition in the market, also complicated by Philips’ launch of the Spirit machine.

Cintel announced that its bid had been accepted at IBC, the technology post-production forum held in Amsterdam last week. Adam Welsh, managing director of Cintel, said: “The deal brings together some of the best talent and technological expertise in the film scanning world today.”